DSL7: Solar Tucano Arm Light 2000lm

248.00 AED

Product Code: DSL7

Box: 45.5*16.2*23.8 Weight:1.37KG
Carton :  66.0*47.0*25.7 Weight :6.5KG
QTY:  4pcs/CTN

Category: Product ID: 81


1.Aluminum Alloy Lamp Case, Strong and Durable
2.Patent Arm design with wide lighting area
3.Remote controller to choose 3 lighting modes and set timer
4.LED Indicator Show Battery Power:10%,50%,80%.
5.ALS2.0 New technology support 6~8 rainy days lighting

M1: 60LM + PIR 2000LM (10S)
M2: 120LM + PIR 2000LM(10S)
M3: 200LM for 5 hours + 40LM with PIR (10S) until dawn;

T: 100% brightness for 10 minutes, Double-tap in two seconds, 100% brightness timing for 20 minutes, The maximum setting is 100% brightness for 20 minutes (with remote control)